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Managed Forex Accounts

Scandinavian Asset is a world-class investment portfolio management service brought to you by Scandinavian Capital Markets. Our objective is to create contented investors who stay with us long-term to build their capital, not to promise levels of growth that are unlikely to be sustainable.

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What are Forex Managed Accounts?

Forex is different from other investment vehicles. Forex trading mainly relies on volatility in the currency markets, which is always present. Growth in Forex funds can occur in any market conditions and is practically unaffected by the global business cycle.

Your success is not tied to a location, as with real estate, or to the stability and reputation of a blue-chip company, as with stocks. No matter what economic situation we face, there will always be a disparity between the value of national currencies, ensuring an almost constant stream of trading opportunities.

Forex investments can boast substantial growth (2% or more per month) and liquidity. You can disinvest at any time and have your funds available in a couple of days after they hit your bank account.

Forex Managed Accounts are a perfect solution for investors who are not familiar with trading or do not want to trade themselves.

State-of-the-art approach

Nowadays Forex traders employ advanced computer algorithms, artificial intelligence and big data analysis to predict currency movements. Some trading approaches use modern computer technologies to make profit on small price movements by executing buy and sell transactions every few seconds or minutes, or to take advantage of a trend before it even starts.

Scandinavian Capital Markets has been building relationships with various third-party traders and trading teams for years and now offers some of the most elaborate Forex trading strategies in the market.

Risk and reward management

In Forex investment, like in any investment, risk and reward are correlated. Higher growth is always accompanied by greater risk. Scandinavian Capital Markets caters to the clients’ interests by offering investment strategies of different risk/reward levels.

In doing so, we make risk the corner-stone of our approach and encourage clients to choose investment products according to the maximum risk they are willing to tolerate, rather than by the growth rate they would like to achieve. To assist with this, the description of each of our products shows the trader’s estimate of maximum expected drawdown (i.e. maximum reduction in equity in your portfolio), along with the historic net monthly and annual performance.

Investment products

Products are grouped under three categories: Conservative, Moderate and Adventurous funds. Note that our published growth figures are net of all fees including the Performance Fee.

Conservative Funds are suited for institutions or family funds with considerable resources for whom capital retention is an important part of investment. They are also very suitable for any cautious private investor seeking a rate of return in excess of normal investments at relatively low risk. Our Conservative funds expect to experience less than 15% drawdown.

Moderate Funds are suitable for the majority of private investors and expect to experience a maximum drawdown of 30%.

Institutional Funds are intended for institutional clients with $500k or more to invest. Institutional products have a maximum drawdown of 10% and, by retail standards, relatively low, yet more consistent, growth.

We are able to change the ‘gearing’ of any particular strategy, so a strategy may be available in more than one risk category. For example, Nordic Swing is available in the Moderate category, and also in the Conservative category as Nordic Swing X0.5.


A portion of your profit is shared with the trader though deduction of a performance fee. All trading strategies (unless otherwise specified in the strategy description) are subject to a 30% performance fee, meaning you keep the remaining 70%. It is free to join and exit and no ongoing management fees are charged.

Profits are calculated using the High-Water Mark approach (HWA). It means that the performance fee is charged only when at the end of the month the equity in your account is higher than its historical maximum that it has ever reached, and only on the difference between the equity at the end of the month and the historical maximum.

Note that all published growth figures are net of all fees including the Performance Fee.

Monitoring your investment

We do not recommend monitoring your investment on a daily basis, as it can be very stressful. Strategies will typically experience weekly and monthly setbacks and these should be considered as normal. Expectation of continuous growth is unrealistic for Forex investments. They should be approached as long-term investments.

Generally our investors monitor their investment by receiving email statements reflecting Equity, Balance and any executed trades. The statements are sent on a daily basis when there are closed trades and also of the first day of each month.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Answers to commonly asked questions

Yes, client funds are kept in segregated accounts, totally separate from Scandinavian Capital Markets’ corporate assets. Withdrawals can only be made by the client.
Investments are held in USD. However you may deposit funds in any currency and they will be converted into USD. Currency conversion charges can be reduced by using an organisation such as Wise or Revolut.
We charge no management or deposit/withdrawal fees. The only fee that we charge is the performance fee, which is generally equal to 30%. It means that you keep the remaining 70% of profit made on the account. Some highly profitable strategies have a 45% performance fee, which is noted in the strategy description. Profits are calculated using the High-Water Mark approach. It means that performance fees are charged only when your account Equity value is higher than it was in the previous month. All Monthly Growth data published on this website is net of all fees.
There is certainly merit is ‘not putting all your eggs in one basket’ and diversifying between a number of funds. Our systems allow this to be done very easily. It is necessary to respect the minimum investment requirements listed for each fund, as this ensures that all trades are allocated correctly and the account performs properly.

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